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Akieistro® 10 Anniversary Seal - Brand Logo


Akistro has turned 10 years in June 2019 and we are celebrating all year long with great products for you! There has never been a perfect time to make the Akistro products a part of your physical life style and look terrific on stage!.

We continue to grow and develop.

Always bringing trendy designs

Akieistro® Supertrunks! Line
NPC Turnament of Champs 2007 - Akieistro® Supertrunks!
Akieistro® red posing trunks make you look terrific on the spot


Akistro is always evolving, making performance apparel and accessories that fits your style!

Our founder is fashion conscious – Fashion is an important part of how you look and feel, and we’ve been focused on men’s athletic performance Apparel and accessories since the day we opened our doors.

Established in 2009 & founded by Lorenzo Reynaga, fashion and graphic designer – Akieistro® is an American fashion brand based in Los Angeles, California.

Proudly Endorsed

Akieistro® has been proudly endorsed and chosen by many IFBB pros and NPC athletes as one of the best sources of competition posing swim suits & trunks simply because the suits make the athlete look terrific on stage!
Our Founder
Akieistro® was founded in 2009 by Lorenzo Reynaga, fashion and graphic designer, personal trainer, underwear model, and a well experience competitor bodybuilder.Established in 2009, Akieistro® is an American fashion brand with a reputable background of experience in the making of Athletic Performance Apparel, Swimwear, Designer Underwear, and Sporting Goods; Specialized in the making of men’s bodybuilding posing swim suits that are manufactured in Los Angeles, California, U.S.A. and are sold in this website: and in special Retail Locations.

Our Future

The future is bright for our company! We continue to grow and develop, We are expanding to offer more value and more options, which will give our customers even more reasons to come see us, shop with us, and appreciate all that we have to offer them. If you have been here before or this is your first time shopping with us… Welcome! Come in, look around, and take this journey with us as we move into the future. Akieistro® is always evolving, making performance apparel and accessories that fits your style!.

Tools of the trade

Akieistro® dresses athletes, and persons like you! with performance athletic apparel and underwear that offer elegance and comfort in all movements.

Our Goals

Everyone has goals. Stores are no different. Our goal here is to make sure each and every customers who comes to us had a good experience.

Akieistro® has the desire to satisfy its customers by fitting their style and by offering professional quality products that last. Every Akieistro® product is meticulously manufactured with care to satisfy the demands of its customers.


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